tentacle fun!

this week for Woeful Wednesday, a remake of a pool I made for the Dead Dolls hunt last summer and then never released for sale:

here is a quick taxi to the shop!


and while we’re on the subject of tentacles, here is a little teaser for what’s coming up for Horror Haute later this month!

this will be my first item for Horror Haute ever! i hope that it isn’t too cutesy for everyone, but i could hardly resist making this once the idea entered my head! the rag doll and slipper set will be available in 3 different colors: soot, swamp & vapor.

(yes, i have been reading Lovecraft again – still not finished reading all of his stories! stay tuned for next month’s Horror Haute release for another fun Lovecraft-inspired item!)



and another little reminder about the Starlust Gacha Carnival! a few more stores decided to jump in at the last minute, so here is the updated sign:








want to go to the carnival? click here!


and a final reminder about Flux. it’s almost over for this month, so be sure to stop by today! for more info check out the Flux blog!


~ by kalliopekat on March 21, 2012.

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