sweet stuff

today for Woeful Wednesday! another cute little cupcake seat that is only 1 prim and (hopefully) will always put a smile on your face!

and also new in the shop, something that is really generating a buzz! it’s a giant beehive house!! it includes this handy ladder so that you can climb in with ease, in case you don’t have wings or you have friends who are wingless.

this thing is massive AND fun. i’ve included some features that i hope you will enjoy! it originally was not going to have a front door, but it does! and now for the inside:

there are 5 different wall designs to choose from and 5 different ceilings. simply click on either and a menu will drop down with your choices.

the honey chandelier and rug are optional but included! and the best thing about it all is that it’s hanging in a giant tree and trees make me happy. ❤

and don’t forget that the 30th is the last day for the Creature Feature Hunt! that’s all for today!

you can find this stuff at my main store here on Lloyd.

credits for hive pictures:

skin: Grixdale

hair: lamb

hat: bewildebeest

strings: Scribble

shirt: Pixeldolls

shorts: Pig

bee doll: katatonik

pose by door: pda

other 2 poses: random kitten

taken inside Turnip’s Spring Skydome!


~ by kalliopekat on June 29, 2011.

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