getting summery!

this weekend for A Taste of SL, i’m marking down another new Sweet Summer outfit, this time in pink! (the “Colorless” outfit was released as part of the Woeful Wednesday sale this week.) it’s a fun, hippie-ish ensemble consisting of a polka dot cotton halter top with a crocheted bodice and 3 skirt options: a double-layed skirt and then the 2 individual layers. the glitch pants are of the same polka dot fabric as the top with a plain waistband and a bit of lace at the bottoms.

i hope that you enjoy this fun pastel outfit! available at the main store and only 50L if you buy it during the sale this weekend 3/26-27!

in other fun news, the ALBERO Kawaii hunt has been a huge success so far and with so many cute prizes, how can it not be? i was very excited to participate in it! here is what you will get from my shop:

it’s a free hud-based hunt! you can check out the info on the ALBERO blog.

be looking for the release of the rest of my Sweet Summer outfits and info on the next upcoming hunt! sorry that my Woeful Wednesday info didn’t get blogged this week and i am behind on hunt infos, but sadly i have to get a new computer, hopefully in the next few days or so. on a happy note, my files were all save-able! the hard-drive didn’t entirely die and has worked long enough to copy files, woohoo! (and i am also happy that my hubby has a laptop that i was able to use to do this blog post, haha.) until next time!


~ by kalliopekat on March 26, 2011.

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