Wear Gray items released!

it’s been slow going but i finally finished everything last night just in time for the bloggers to enter the sim and start checking it out! so without further ado, here is what our shop is offering for this event:

we also are participating in the Wear Gray hunt! and since this hunt is supporting a charity, all hunt items will require a 20L donation, but the gifts inside will far exceed a value of 20L. it’s like putting money in one of the donation jars but getting something in return! here is what you’ll find in our ribbon:

you’ll receive 4 items total: The Philosopher’s Tree, Idea Lamp, Polished side table and Intelligent Thought rug. The lamp and tree both light up when clicked and the rug and table are modifiable so you can make them the size you prefer.

and lastly, we are also giving away a free gift just for stopping by:

thanks for helping make Wear Gray a success! click here to find our booth. Wear Gray opens to the public on September 12th.

if you would like further information on this event, please click the link to the blog on the right of the page.


~ by kalliopekat on September 10, 2010.

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