Monster Beach Party

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it’s time for the Starlust Monster Beach Party over on Two Moons and i have some new releases at the event! i hope you’re not tired of unusual eyes because i had a blast drawing these. Maudeline is rarely fully human, so what else can you expect?


be sure to check out all the goods under the umbrellas from all the lovely Starlustians and click here for your taxi.

what monstrous eyes you have

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it’s time for some Horror Haute!! i was pleased as punch to have something ready in time for this month’s edition:

the Undead Eyes pack includes all the colors/designs shown! i had tons of fun speculating about what they should look like and because i can never make up my mind, i did 4 designs with 2 colors of each. i hope that you enjoy them!

you can find them here at my new store location!

and here is where i ramble a bit, please ignore and just look at the pictures if you so choose: i was raised on Universal Monsters and books about ghosts and goblins BUT i was horridly afraid of things in the dark (and still sort of am). one of my favorite books to read as a child though was called Bumps In The Night by Harry Allard.

in it the characters discover that all of the “bumps” in the night were really just other noises and that there was nothing to be afraid of. at times, this lulled my timid self into a feeling of safety once more but it included a little Scottish prayer at the beginning of the book:

From ghoulies and ghosties
And long-leggedy beasties
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliver us!

admittedly, i’ve caught myself saying that throughout my life even though i have a love/hate fascination with monsters and even went to see the new version of The Wolfman, even though i still suffer from lycaonphobia. if you are really a werewolf, please do not ever let me know or show up at my door. thank you!

oh and here are some pictures of the eyes:

after the move

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so! the new shop is finally (mostly) set up and i even made a little something fun to commemorate this event! Saturnine Dreams is now on the lovely Home Sim (otherwise known as Ctrl Shift H) and not too far from the FireGOOD!, Empyreal Dreams, the Indigo Aviary and the Albatross Coffee House. Be sure to check out the other places if you stop by and don’t be too alarmed if you see cupcakes or bacon or just about anything else randomly flying through the air.


and to celebrate the madness that is moving:

and without further ado, here is your taxi!


visions of the deep

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this month for Horror Haute (which i know is nearly over already and i have been a horrid blogger) i made cecaelia eyes! a cecaelia is half-human half-octopus but you don’t need to be one to wear them!


if you grab them during Horror Haute, you’ll get both color packs for the price of one! not to worry if you miss it though. both color packs will be available even after the event.

here’s your taxi!


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BYOC! (Bring Your Own Chopsticks)

i’m still gradually redoing and releasing old favorites of mine that i pulled a while ago in hopes of eventually making them a little more snazzy. this week i bring you a couple of fun, food-related items:


and here is another view, using a different set of poses:


and because we all need to kick up our virtual feet sometimes:


both are out now at the shop! 

and now i am really hungry, so i think i’ll go eat some dinner….pizza! haha